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screen capture recurrent model pipeline
Inverse Hierarchical Multi-Document Summarization

In this project, a team of 3 UC Berkeley MIDS students developed 2 novel model pipelines that perform inverse hierarchical multi-document summarization (MDS). We define inverse hierarchical multi-document summarization as the creation of a contextual summary that provides background information about any given news article text. This is the opposite of current hierarchical multidocument summarization, which provides a "drill down" approach for Multi-Document Summarization.

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McDonald's All Day Breakfast
Data Ethics and the Launch of McDonald's All Day Breakfast

As an aspiring data scientist, it's important to help increase general data literacy. I examine the principles of the Belmont Report (Beneficience, Justice, and Respect for Persons) using a interesting toy example of McDonald's All Day Breakfast and provide an introductory lesson into the basics of ethics.

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